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Rocky Mountain Gaited Horses

Bred for temperment, gait, colour, size- and must be certified to be a "Rocky Mountain" Horse

 The Rocky Mountain Horse is one of the few American breeds that require certification before breeding to produce offspring eligible for registration. This concept is unique and serves the purpose of culling any undesired variables in the foundation stock, which in turn achieves true breed uniformity. It is this certification requirement that allows the breed to be issued a certification mark by the U.S. Patent Office. Consequently, only a horse that is registered and has met RMHA breed standards can be known by the name "Rocky Mountain Horse®”.

Most American breed associations allow the breeding of any horses that are registered, without prior certification requirements. Their requirements for registration of their horses are defined by one of two conditions; either by heritage (the parent stock are fully registered, e.g. Arabian), or by characteristics such as color or gait (the breed standards are met, e.g. Palomino, Paint). The Rocky Mountain Horse® meets both conditions.


To be certified, a Rocky Mountain Horse must be at least twenty-three months old and pass inspection by three official RMHA Examiners for:

  1. Correct gait under saddle, with a graceful way of going

  2. Conformation and color that meets the breed standards

  3. Possessing good temperament

  4. Verification of parentage by an appropriate laboratory testing method

  5. Stallions must have both testicles below the external (inguinal) ring

  6. The only exception to the minimum height requirement of 14.2 hands is for mares that are under three years old at the time of certification, and are from two certified to breed parents. These mares can be certified at a minimum of 14 hands.

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