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The commonality amongst our horses is that they are sound, calm, honest and smooth gaited riding horses. We deal in Rocky Mountain, Kentucky Mountain and Tennessee Walker breeds with each horse being selected for their mind, their conformation and their attitude.
Our horses are trail ridden through multiple situations and through all seasons. We strive to ensure each horse is grounded and safe with a genuine desire to participate with their riders on the trails.
Many of our friends and customers are mature individuals who want to feel confident when riding and are looking for a horse with whom they can trust and bond with. As such, our horses are mature and experienced and exposed to virtually any condition or situation we encounter on the trail. Each of the selected breeds; and especially the Mountain horses are considered easy keepers and with proper dentistry should live well into their late twenties allowing for many happy years together.

Our Philosophy

The right equine companion is not a colour or a breed as much as a willing heart and a sound mind.


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